Hands On Hartford


Meals with a Mission

Want to cater your next meeting or event, and support Hands On Hartford? Book your next meal with Caterers Who Care, Hands On Hartford’s mission-driven catering business.

Caterers Who Care will deliver breakfast, lunch, or dinner to your office or off-site location, no matter how big or small the meeting or event. From home-made muffins and pastries, to sandwiches and platters. We’ve got the skills you need, to making use of things like an american waffle maker should the need arise, to baking a cake for a special occasion and much more! Caterers Who Care will custom-design a menu to fit your budget, and accommodate any dietary specifications or restrictions.

Looking to book an off-site event? Caterers Who Care can host and cater the event in one of Hands On Hartford’s meeting rooms at our beautifully restored Center for Community just minutes from downtown Hartford.

Caterers Who Care supports Hands On Hartford’s mission by offering volunteer opportunities and providing jobs for people who face barriers to employment. Additionally, all revenues in excess of our costs are used to fund our direct service programs.

Check out our Catering Menu

For more information, contact Molly Reynolds at 860-706-1537 or mreynolds@handsonhartford.org.