Hands On Hartford’s Community Engagement Program’s primary objective is to bring people together to strengthen the Greater Hartford Area through meaningful civic engagement and service learning opportunities.

We are expert planners, managers and leaders of corporate social responsibility volunteer projects that promote employee teamwork and leadership.

We have extensive experience coordinating volunteers and managing groups of varying sizes.

For all managed projects, Hands On Hartford will:

  • Identify specific community-based organizations aligned with your company's interest area that need your help
  • Manage, staff and lead your hands-on service project
  • Coordinate all project details and logistics
  • Purchase and deliver supplies/tools
  • Coordinate lunch/transportation (optional)
  • Inspire your associates to work together as "one" team!

Companies and Organizations use Hands On Hartford to:

  • Foster employee teamwork and camaraderie
  • Promote goodwill with employees, customers, vendors and community
  • Save time and money
  • Communicate their commitment to volunteerism and philanthropy

Benefits to partnering with Hands On Hartford on a managed/customized service project include:

  • Saving your company valuable staff time and money
  • Providing expertise, creative ideas and support in connecting with non-profit agencies and schools
  • Identifying potential projects and work with you on project selection
  • Providing volunteer management assistance to increase the capacity of non-profits to host larger corporate groups
  • Assisting with employee recruitment efforts, may include an on-site presentation at your company
  • Photographing and documenting employee volunteers in action
  • Assisting with media relations (optional)
  • Working with and support identified employee volunteer leaders
  • Incorporating an "educational service learning" component
  • Providing the company post evaluation information and an impact summary of each project
  • Highlighting your company's service project on our website's homepage and e-newsletter

If a meaningful team building experience is what you seek, why pay a vendor to run a ropes course or something similar?

The results your company and its employees can generate on a Hands On Hartford managed project will be meaningful and positively impactful.

Every associate will see a community problem, learn about important issues, and work together to create a solution that they will immediately see the results of.

There are dozens of project possibilities. Projects can be as diverse as painting a homeless shelter, restoring an historic cemetery, creating an outdoor classroom at a public school, painting murals, building community gardens, benches, picnic tables and much more.

Important things to know:

If you are responsible for finding/coordinating community based projects for your company then consider outsourcing the job to Hands On Hartford.

For all managed/customized projects we ask for a tax-deductible contribution that helps to defray the costs of supplies and project management. The contribution is based on what a company wants to accomplish and the complexity/duration of the project.

Projects can occur at any time, on any day of the week.

Group sizes can range from 10 to 500 people.

Testimonies can be furnished upon request.